Rwandan Village Lifestyle

Project Description

ziRwanda, Africa’s most densely populated country, some areas remains poor and essentially rural. Several significant demographic and social shifts in the course of its history have contributed to slowing its economic development.

Rwandan Government elaborated its Vision 2020, which illustrates Rwandan society 15 years into the future. The aim of Vision 2020 and other initiatives established to build a modern nation with a knowledge-based, entrepreneurial economy.

The report EICV4 indicates that poverty reduced to 39 per cent down from 44 per cent during the previous survey, which was conducted between 2013/14, largely estimates of the level and pattern of poverty and living conditions in the country during the reporting period.

This Project captured daily lifestyle in different areas of Northern west of Rwanda in Rubavu, Nyabihu and Musanze , aiming to show that while progress has been made in Rwanda, there are some people still living in Poverty.

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