Kenyan Public Transport (Matatus Bus)

This is the kind of transport that is used by all people in Nairobi; it is affordable and accessible to everyone. The name Matatu originated from the Kiswahili name “Tatu” meaning “three” each row has three seats. Other people say that the name was first mentioned by the taxi people who asked clients to pay three KSH (Kenyan Shillings) each.

Rwandan Village Lifestyle

Rwanda, Africa’s most densely populated country, some areas remains poor and essentially rural. Several significant demographic and social shifts in the course of its history have contributed to slowing its economic development.

The View of a Tea Plantation over the Hills

The tea in Rwanda is well known all over the world for its infusion and enhanced brightness. Rwanda Mountain Tea produces some of the finest teas in Rwanda by investing in tea processing facilities, expert monitoring and guidance in crop production. I have travelled to Nyabihu, Rutsiro, Kitabi and Rubaya, Four tea estates in the mountains of Rwanda to highlight the work of Rwanda tea producers.