Jean Bizimana is a photographer who started it at a very young age of 8 through the Eyes of Children Organization! He’s so courageous and his love for the art of photography has brought him great impact to him and the community! Anyone can ask him/herself how photography did bring the good impact to the community! Well..... Jean Bizimana has become the voice of his community by raising the problems that his community faces in their everyday lives using his pictures! Jean Bizimana is one of the Rwandan young children who has seen life differently through the art of photography! His intention is to help next generation see the life as he has seen it by being so passionate about what they do.
Being a photographer at a very tender age gave him a great opportunity of becoming the person he has been dreaming of ever since he was young. It has also helped him complete his educational studies where many people of his age had no hope of tomorrow and now are seeing him living his dreams!

The art of photography has shaped Jean Bizimana by looking life differently and has made him realize that there is entire life from photography. Through photography, he has several occasions to witness the life changing.

Jean Bizimana is currently in Kigali - Rwanda